Overview: Seat IBE

Seat’s IBE is essentially a work-in-progress. First seen at last year’s Geneva show, it is an urban electric sportscar design study. In Paris last autumn, a heavily revised version appeared, with changes to the styling, technology and interior.

The IBE is short, low and wide. There are no particularly innovative construction techniques, though a fair amount of aluminium is deployed: Seat quotes a kerb mass of 1100kg. Powering the IBE is a single electric motor delivering peak outputs of 102PS and 200Nm; a continuous 68PS is available.

The motor is mounted along with its power electronics at the front of the car. The lithium-ion battery-pack is mounted under the rear luggage deck. Battery capacity is 18kWh, which Seat claims is enough for a range of around 80 miles.

Quoted performance figures are not startling, but the IBE should be more than adequate for town use — which, after all, is what it was designed for. Maximum speed is 100mph and 100km/h is reached from rest in 9.7 seconds.

Last year’s Paris show car featured the facility to interrogate the car’s on-board systems remotely using a smart-phone.

Seat IBE concept at Geneva show, 2010 (above) and version shown at Paris show a few months later (below).
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