Overview: Škoda Octavia Green E Line

Shown for the first time at the Paris Salon in September 2010, the Octavia Green E Line concept is Škoda’s first-ever electric-powered vehicle.

The electric Octavia is based on the Company’s successful Octavia estate. With its modular chassis design, it proved releatively easy to redesign for an electric powertrain with its battery-pack, electronic control unit and electric motor.

Škoda Octavia Green E Line. Note photovoltaic roof panels.

The motor has a continuous rating of 81PS with a peak output of 115PS. Maximum torque is 270Nm. Škoda quotes a standing-start acceleration time to 100km/h of twelve seconds; the car’s maximum speed is an electronically-limited 85mph.

Power for the motor is supplied by a lithium-ion battery-pack of 26.5kWh capacity. It is built from 180 cells: each has a diameter of 150mm and is 650mm long. The all-up mass of the pack is about 315kg. It is mounted in the central tunnel and in what would otherwise be the fuel-tank position, extending partly into the luggage compartment; Škoda claims that there is little loss of boot-space.

The Octavia’s quoted range of 93 miles is not bad: the Renault-Nissan products, along with the forthcoming Ford Focus electric, manage a claimed 100 miles.

The central computer screen provides the usual flood of information, including instant output, power consumption, battery charge and the remaining range. The navigation display describes the energy flow — that is, it informs the driver whether the car is using energy or — on the overrun — generating it.

A test fleet of Octavia Green E Lines has been set up with the intention of developing the electric drivetrain for future production.

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